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December 1, 2016


Our Team and the Expertise You Need

Protecting personal data is imperative not just for regulatory reasons, but can also serve as a value add to your reputation as well as building up great customer relations fostering a sense that however bog or small you are protecting some of the most valuable digital currency business and private individuals possess, their personal and/or commercial data.

Our privacy professionals have significant experience in advising a number of FTSE 100, FTSE 250s, SMEs and new market entrants on the implementation of their global data strategies across all sectors. Our approach is bespoke to you, risk based and commercially focused. Our consultants have a proven track record of advising major organisations, particularly in the retail, financial services, transport, health, education and media sectors to deliver cost effective, meaningful compliance. Our team has experience of acting on some of the most significant data protection and information security breaches, often involving multiple regulators and law enforcement agencies.

We offer a wealth of unique experience and knowledge from various backgrounds with key contacts and strong working relationships with regulators, industry bodies and legislators.

As well as advising on all aspects of data protection compliance, we train organisations and industry bodies on data and information giving insight and an awareness of the practical implications.

To assist you on your journey we can:

  • help you to understand and/or audit data flows within your organsaiotn to help better understand your risks and realise your opportunities
  • offer commercial insight as to how best manage your regulatory risk and prioritise areas for immediate action in a budget sensitive way
  • create a commercially pragmatic roadmap for achieving your future compliance goals
  • review your current policy and procedural framework to improve it in a way that derives maximum business benefit
  • draft and negotiate legally complaint contracts, policies

You can find full details of examples as to how we can assist you and our list of expertise via our Services page